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Digital Water Testing

Pool & Spa Maintenance

We do ALL the Work, so YOU can have ALL the FUN!

If you didn't have to spend the time and effort testing and cleaning your pool or spa, you would have more time to enjoy it!!  With All Over Pool & Spa Maintenance, we do the work for you and keep your pool at its best!  We do all the work so you can have ALL the FUN!

The "All over" Pool

We maintain your pool by testing the water and adding the appropriate chemicals, vacuuming, sweeping walls, and changing filters as needed.

$60 per month

Includes everything in the "All Over" Pool plan, plus we open and close your pool for the year!

$99 per month

Opening or closing

We open or close your pool for the season including all necessary chemicals and cleaning to get your pool ready to swim, or ready to sit for the winter!


The "all over Plus"


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